Benefits of Cloud Computing Services

There are 5 advantages of moving your business from an on-site server to a Cloud Service Provider.

There are 5 advantages of moving your business from an on-site server to a cloud service provider. The move to online means you won’t have to buy, maintain, or eventually replace expensive on-site servers.

Moving online with Microsoft Business 365 will help keep your organisation competitive and productive in a world that is constantly changing technologically.

Advantage 1– Cloud Computing Services Allows You To Be Productive Anywhere

Moving to the cloud with Microsoft 365 Business and Microsoft Azure, means your business will always remain online, which will ensure productivity whether your staff are working remotely or onsite. This will allow staff to host meetings, co-author documents in the cloud, collaborate in real-time using Microsoft Teams and remain connected via email.

Advantage 2– Protect Your Business Data

Microsoft 365 Business has built-in security features that will ensure your organisation’s data is kept safe. These built-in security features will help:

  1. Defend against any cyber threats and password theft;
  2. Protect your business from any unauthorised access;
  3. Manage and secure your data in the cloud and on any Windows 11 devices;
  4. Improve security with an advanced multi-factor authentication (like with online banking) which will allow your organisation to work securely and confidently in the Cloud.
  5. Microsoft 365 Business also has the option for long-term email archiving and retention.

Advantage 3– Advanced Email Security

One of the best features of Microsoft 365 Business is the advanced email threat protection. This advanced feature ensures you have the best possible email security by scanning email links and attachments for threats, protection from Ransomware and Phishing attacks, long term email retention and advanced multi-factor authentication which will ensure that your business communication is always kept safe.

Advantage 4 – Up-to-Date Software

Microsoft 365 Business is subscription based, which will ensure that your business has the latest Office Suite software (Outlook, Word, Excel, and much more). Your organisation can also install the Office apps onto multiple devices (computers, tablets, mobile phones, and even via any web browser). This will allow for team members to work and collaborate with ease as software updates are done in real life across the organisation.

Advantage 5 – Cloud Computing Services Is A Cost Effective Solution

You need an IT Cloud Service Provider that will maximise the benefits of moving to Microsoft 365 Business. By using an IT support company such as NETCONFIG, your organisation’s IT processes will be streamlined to ensure productivity, automation, flexibility, and data security.  

Still not sure what the Cloud is? Watch this easy-to-understand video introduction to cloud computing.

Future proof your business by migrating to the cloud with a certified Microsoft Gold Partner and reap the benefits of Microsoft 365 Business.

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