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Business Intelligence (BI) tools provide critical data – it’s like gold in any business. However, many business leaders don’t have clear insights into their data and resort to making ‘gut’ decisions, which can often result in missed opportunities and revenue.

NETCONFIG leverages the latest Business Intelligence (BI) technologies and services from Microsoft Azure and Power BI to give you data insights from any device, wherever you may be.

We help you clarify where you need it the most, uncovering the hidden insights in your financial or sales data, in an easy, graphical format, to drive a data driven culture for better business decisions throughout the entire team.

Let us help you use your data to make better decisions

All our clients are assigned a dedicated IT Manager that provides strategic input to push your business forward.

Is the technology you’re using helping you reach your business goals?

Are you confident that your internal IT systems are not limiting your growth?

Are you confident your systems are secure and stable?

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