IT Outsourcing

Building your own IT department can sound like a great idea, if you are up for a challenge!

Many business owners think that by hiring a “low cost resource” to handle their IT challenges is sufficient, we simply ask the following:

  • Who is driving the IT strategy for the business?
  • Who is providing the internal IT resource with career planning?
  • How do you keep your IT resource “entertained” on a limited IT budget?
  • Is your business simply a stepping stone for that individuals IT career?
  • Does the IT solution being implemented follow industry “Best Practices” or your resources own experience and skill?
  • Do you feel you are getting an “IT Strategy” or an “IT Patch Job”?

If the above questions are resonate with you, then your business would be better suited to IT Outsourcing but more importantly, to a service provider that provides their outsourcing through a Managed Services model.

The Network Configurations IT support and outsourcing model follows our unique INSIGHT framework, giving business owners peace of mind that the right solutions are being implemented to best practices developed over the last 15 years.