Technology Financing


It Just Makes Sense!

There are really two ways to procure technology.

The traditional way, Capex

The first method is to take good working capital that should be used for growing your company and procuring inventory to sell to clients at good margins, and spend it on technology (hardware and software) that is going to be outdated in one year and needs to be replaced within three years.

Limited budgets also impact the technology bought, thus limiting the client in obtaining the best solution available for the business, therefore the business owners never truly realize the full potential of their technology investment.

The ideal way, Opex

The other option is simply to turn your technology purchasing from a Capital Expense to an Operational Expense by renting your technology.

This method conserves your Cash Flow for business growth and creates an environment where you can leverage the latest technology every 36 months, making you and your team more efficient.

Not only do we finance Hardware, we will finance 100% of your Software over a 36 Month term.power-spartan

See below for some of the benefits to Technology financing:


Adding Value to your Business with Technology Financing

Technology Financing has real business benefits

Some of the benefits include:

  • Credit facility ‒ extra credit facility for ALL your  future IT purchases, Hardware or Software
  • Conserve bank lines ‒ save your bank facilities for uncertainty or growth in your business
  • Cash flow management ‒ no upfront cash outflow, no deposits
  • Clean contracts ‒ straight-forward & no sneaky clauses, such as escalations
  • Credible banking ‒ we’ve partnered with SA’s longest-running, pioneering direct rental financier

We have two primary rental options, this is defined as:

Rent to Rent

  • 36 Month Rental Agreement
  • Refresh your Technology after 36 Months
  • You do not own the technology

Rent to Own

  • 39 Month Rental Agreement
  • Own the hardware after 39 months...but why would you want to?

No one does 100% finance, except accredited partners:

  • No hardware component required for 100% Software Finance by Spartan
  • Types of software
    • company-wide systems (e.g. ERP or CRM)
    • specialized or niche software
    • web, custom & mobile development
  • Financing for licensing, implementation, training and customization
  • Finance terms max 36 months (annual license fees over 12 months)
  • Buy & Rent - Back (refinancing) 
  • Types of hardware on 100% Rental Finance by Spartan
    • laptops, PCs, tablets, iPads, mobile
    • servers, data centres, networking, cabling
    • printers, copiers, PABX systems
    • CCTV/IP cameras, biometric systems
    • certain types of specialised manufacturing equipment
  • 5-in-1 rental:  funder/advisor/supplier/insurer/warranty manager
  • Rental terms: 12-60 months (usually over 36 months)
  • Buy & Rent - Back (refinancing)