Cloud Services

Does every cloud have a silver lining?

We love cloud technologies, they are real business enablers, especially for Small & Medium sized businesses!

All businesses should be using an e-mail platform like Microsoft Exchange Server (Enterprise collaboration and communication), but why worry about having to build your own server, backing it up and keeping it maintained?  Use a cloud solution, like Microsoft Exchange Online.

Cloud services have been around for years, it is simply the use of Software and Services on a subscription basis, simply paying for what you use, much like electricity (Without the load shedding).

Products like Facebook are a Cloud Service, however geared to the social side of our lives. People often ask, is the cloud secure? If you use internet banking, it is really your bank offering an ATM in the Cloud.

Is the Cloud more secure than your own private network?
Well, that is a tough one, companies like Microsoft, Google etc. spend hundreds of millions of dollars (Not Zimbabwean) on compliance, regulation and security solutions. Most small businesses would spend as little as possible on network security as it is seen as a grudge buy, so the question you need to ask is, who is more secure?

Where is the Cloud? It is simply thousands of servers located all over the world in specially designed buildings that house thousands of computers, see the video below of the Microsoft Data Center.

Inside the Microsoft Data Center