Hosting Services

Cloud Server Solutions

When you require additional servers or computing power for your business, the traditional method has always been to acquire new hardware, implement and manage the life-cycle yourself.

With today’s advancement in technology and the internet, a server can be provisioned within minutes at a nominal monthly cost. No need to worry about aging hardware, reliability issues and disaster recovery planning.

Our virtual server solutions can be customized and provisioned specifically to your businesses requirements.

Co-Location Server Hosting

As a cloud provider, we offer our clients the option to host their existing hardware and technology investments securely into our world class data centers, located in Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town.

You only pay for the space you require, we will manage and maintain the environment, ensuring you peace of mind.

Advantages of hosting critical services at one of our data centers Is that you do not have to implement fail-over and redundancy plans for service outages such as internet connectivity and power. Your critical business services are always on and available to you.