Microsoft Office 365

Welcome to the Future

Network Configurations is a specialist Microsoft partner that focuses on the delivery of cloud services that is really suited for businesses of all sizes.

Microsoft Office 365 offers some of the most comprehensive services available to businesses, these include:

  • Pay as you Go model
  • A tried and tested solution you can rely on.
  • Access to your business information from anywhere, securely.
  • E-Mail and collaboration platform that syncs through to all your devices, seamlessly.
  • Storing and collaborating on documents, securely in the cloud.
  • Communicate via video calls or even host online presentations with your team members.
  • A full version of Microsoft Office Professional Plus installed on up to 5 devices, for a single user.

Our solutions specialists will help you assess whether you should be implementing a Hybrid deployment of Cloud services that works with your on premise technology and servers, or whether you should go “All In”.

Let us show you how to leverage the cloud and gain the flexibility you need, all at a nominal monthly cost per user.