Managed Services

The Evolution of IT Support

How has IT support evolved over the years?

Traditional IT support is defined as paying for IT support as and when you need it, on an hourly basis.

This is great, depending on your type of business, if you are a small business with a low dependency on technology, or you have an internal IT team and need to outsource very specific skills, when required.

If you have a business that is dependent on outsourcing IT support, the question is:

Who benefits when you are paying for IT support by the hour?
When paying by the hour, what is the incentive for that IT service provider to do the “Job right, first time”?


Making IT Relevant to your Business!

As part of our process of helping businesses through the various levels of IT maturity, we understand that the journey to gaining a competitive advantage and additional levels of business efficiency is a complex processes.

Our structured approach has been developed over the years to help business decision makers and owners to understand their current position around technology within their business and then to provide a "Roadmap" to advance to the next levels of technology  maturity within their business.

We are not merely a company focused on selling hardware or software, but rather a company focused on helping other businesses evolve through the various levels of IT adoption and maturity growth.

Chat to our friendly sales team members who will schedule a meeting to see how we can assist you in the process of understanding your current and future requirements of technology within your business.

Modern IT Outsourcing

If you are paying for IT Services by the hour, who is really benefiting from the service? Who is ensuring that the issues are resolved in the shortest amount of time and are they truly accountable to your business for data loss?

Managed Services is the strategic outsourcing of the day to day IT responsibilities and services to a trusted partner that not only delivers IT services pro-actively at a fixed monthly fee, but is truly focused on connecting the dots between your business strategy and technology available.

A Managed Service Provider (MSP) has typically made investments into market leading Remote Monitoring, Management and Helpdesk systems, including processes and documented structures to measure, pro-actively manage and report on the services delivered to their clients, in a consistent manner.

Many organizations claim to be Managed Service Providers, however are far from it as they only provide certain portions of the service model,  such as Remote Monitoring or Remote Support etc.

A service framework that delivers results!

As one of the original pioneers of Managed Services in South Africa that specifically focuses on IT Outsourcing for businesses of between 10 and 250 computer users, we realised that we needed to “Brand” our services.

The word INSIGHT came to mind, by definition …“To gain a clear understanding of something complex”, which for most business decision makers is quite simply, technology.

At Network Configurations we are continually developing our portfolio of IT services to support the changing requirements and expectations of our valued clients. We take care of the headaches around technology and help put the pieces of the puzzle together for our clients.

We are the IT Department that you always wanted, just better!