Why INSIGHT Managed Services

A service framework that delivers results!

As one of the original pioneers of Managed Services in South Africa that specifically focuses on IT Outsourcing for businesses of between 10 and 250 computer users, we realized that we needed to “Brand” our services.

The word INSIGHT came to mind, by definition …“To gain a clear understanding of something complex”, which for most business decision makers is quite simply, technology.

At Network Configurations we are continually developing our portfolio of IT services to continually support the changing requirements and expectations of our valued clients. So we take care of the headache of technology and help you put the pieces of the puzzle together.

We are the IT Department that you always wanted, just better!

The IT Department you wished you always had!

Let our team take care of the core technology and network services within your business so that you don’t have to!

With our structured approach, not only will we manage your critical IT services pro-actively 24/7, we will also provide your team unlimited support.

Our dedicated support team is available for your day to day computer issues and a senior engineering team is committed to pro-actively monitor your critical services, backups and key business applications, ensuring that your business is taken care of.

Our approach is not about being reactive, but rather proactive and taking accountability.

Please give our sales team a call to schedule a time for one of our Business Development Managers to provide you with a complimentary consultation and needs analysis.

No need to hire an IT Manager!

With a dedicated "Virtual IT Manager", we are committed to ensuring the delivery of IT services that are strategically aligned to your organizations goals and vision as if you had your own IT Manager.

Leveraging our approach and methodology to IT management, our Virtual IT Managers deliver a framework unique to Network Configurations.

Some of our Virtual IT Manager services include:

  • Strategic IT Planning
  • Technology Alignment
  • Quarterly Business & Technology Reviews
  • Budget Planning

If you are needing direction and strategy around how leveraging technology can help your business get to the "Next Level", chat to our team.

When your business requires more out of IT!

As an evolution from our Virtual IT Manager Services that offers Quarterly Business Reviews, our Virtual CIO (Chief Information Officers) Services are designed specifically for organizations that have a higher dependency on technology and corporate governance.

Some of the services offered by our Virtual CIO Team include:

  • Monthly technology review with the relevant stake holders
  • Quarterly strategic meetings to review Technology and Business alignment
  • Design and formalization of Technology Policies and Procedures such as:
    • Business Continuity
    • Backup and Disaster Recovery
  • Alignment to corporate governance and industry compliance, based on your business vertical
  • Technology investigation and consultation with various 3rd party solutions and vendor selection

Our Virtual CIO's (vCIO) become an integral part of your business. 

A layered approach is required for peace of mind!

Threats to the business are no longer about who walks through your front door, it is about who can gain access to your systems, client data and more. It is about how you protect one of your most important assets - your data!

Our business security solutions are more than just about Anti-Virus products, it is about protecting your business at the gateway to the internet, protecting your mobile users while they are out of the office and it is about ensuring your team is productive.

Additional services that we also offer include:

  • Employee monitoring solutions
  • Mobile Device Management
  • Data Loss Prevention

We have various products available to solve many of the current and future challenges that businesses face, however most importantly, we take care of these pro-actively.

Chat to our team about INSIGHT Managed Security Services.

Are you confident that your backups work?

Disaster Recovery and Data Backups are absolutely critical to any size organization, especially considering that most organisations rely on nearly 100% of their data for day to day management of the businesses, accounting, client communication and correspondence data.

Unfortunately most organizations do not manage this pro-actively and many times do not have a clear understanding between the differences of Data Backup and Disaster Recovery solutions. Remember, not all insurance policies are the same, i.e. Short Term vs. Life Insurance.

Planning and understanding the business requirements and management expectations is absolutely critical in ensuring the success of the right solution.

Whether you are looking for a Cloud Backup solution for a single server or user or for implementation and setup of a structured server imaging and disaster recovery solution, please chat to our team.

Our specialists will conduct a business review to ascertain the risks and business requirements to ensure that the key business objectives are met.

Software licensing complexities getting you down?

For most business owners, the thought of trying to understand the complexities around software licensing and compliance is daunting.

The team at Network Configurations understands what it takes to ensure that you are not running at a possible risk with illegal software, but most importantly getting the most out of your software investment.

Some of the services included by Network Configurations include:

  • Cloud Services and Licensing
  • Software Asset Management
  • Software licensing assessments, auditing and sales
  • Software maintenance and subscriptions renewals management

We ensure that your software licensing purchases are not just a "Grudge Buy" but rather an investment that allows you to empower your business and team members with the latest software to be more efficient.

Chat to our software licensing specialists for a consultation on services we offer around the major software vendors like Microsoft and Adobe etc.

Guiding Businesses on their journey to the Cloud!

As the "Cloud" (See our Cloud 101 Guide) gains momentum and becomes more and more of a standard way of conducting business, we have the experience and expertise to help you on your journey.

We do not believe that there is necessarily a "One size fits all" model, however we do understand where businesses can gain the efficiencies and flexibility to provide them with the power of the cloud to scale when required or reduce risk and management overhead in lieu of lower monthly cost.

Our Managed Cloud Services is about administering, monitoring and maintaining your Cloud Service proactively, just as we would maintain the service if you maintained it within your local office.

Moving to the cloud is simple, the challenge for any business is to ensure your staff or team members get an improved experience and ultimately this leads to better productivity.