Microsoft Excel Training

Excel training course facilitated by certified Microsoft trainers.

NETCONFIG provides a holistic training environment, with courses ranging from basic to advanced Microsoft Excel training.

NETCONFIG has Certified Microsoft Trainers that specifically focus on adoption and enablement of how business decision makers and team members use the tools and technologies to ensure greater productivity and leverage of their Microsoft 365 investment.

Microsoft Excel Training Courses in Durban

We offer computer software training at our head office in Westville, Durban. 

Take a look at the various levels of Excel courses we offer that would best suit your team.

Microsoft Excel Basic
(Level 1)

Our entry level Excel course where students learn to create, edit, format and print a spreadsheet.

Microsoft Excel Intermediate
(Level 2)

A middle level or intermediate course for people who have done a beginner’s course but need more skills to analyse data.

Microsoft Excel Advanced
(Level 3)

This course is suitable for people working in Finance, HR and senior management positions who have a lot of reporting to do.

Meet Keshnie, our certified Microsoft Trainer with over 10 years of qualified experience.

Customised and personal training of over 1000 people. Training is held at our offices in Westville, client offices or online.

Why do you need excel training?

Microsoft Excel is widely used in the modern workplace and if you are required to use a computer it has become expected that employees need at least a basic level of Excel understanding. This software, when used to its fullest potential, has the ability to drastically improve productivity. 

Excel also helps speed up day-to-day tasks, reduces errors, and visually presents data in a meaningful way which allows for faster reporting analysis.

Ready to maximise your software investment?

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