Is your Outlook Mailbox getting out of control?

Have you possibly been drowning in emails for the past few months and can’t get a handle on the number of emails and responses you having to deal with?

Well, we have found the perfect Outlook Add-In Application.

Boomerang is the app for you, a productive tool to assist you in tracking responses, sending emails at a later time, scheduling meeting and so much more.


Ever want to send an email later?


Well, you probably thinking Outlook does this already with the Delay Delivery feature, true it does but one thing outlook hasn’t perfected is that if your Laptop or Device is not on, the email will not send from your outbox. Where Boomerang has covered that. Whether your machine is on or not the scheduled email will send as preferred time.

Other features Boomerang has got :

  1. Scheduling meeting with on single email showing your preferred available dates and times.
  2. Responsible, A feature that helps your write email content and shows whether people will be likely to respond to your email based on the content of the email.
  3. Inbox Pause, you can pause your inbox so you can concentrate on the task you working on. You can activate an Automatic Response, Delivery Exceptions and Bring emails into your inbox at a scheduled time.


If you would like to see more here is a link to a YouTube Video created by Boomerang




Source and Media : https://www.boomerangoutlook.com/


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