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Scale your business instantly and become more agile in an environment that operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The success of logistics and warehousing operations hinges on excellent service delivery and constant communication with clients. Unfortunately, loss of business can occur due to delayed requests from clients, and excess fees and penalties are often applied when companies do not action requests relating to client shipping and storage requirements. Time is money in the logistics industry, and the more efficient your information systems – the less time you will waste. 

At NETCONFIG, our expert understanding of IT requirements in this industry ensure that our clients are always connected, always secure, and always able to operate at 100% efficiency. With us managing your IT systems, remain confident in your ability to be highly responsive to clients. Our logistics network solution is a safe environment that ensures your business systems are always accessible – from anywhere in the world. 



Ensure that business communication is retained and available should client disputes arise that could lead to revenue loss.


Protect the highly sensitive information of your clients in an ultra-secure, always-up, compliant business data infrastructure.


24/7 network uptime and always-on emailing services to ensure that important client communication never goes missing.

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All our clients are assigned a dedicated IT Manager that provides strategic input to push your business forward.

Is the technology you’re using helping you reach your business goals?

Are you confident that your internal IT systems are not limiting your growth?

Are you confident your systems are secure and stable?

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