There is no shortage of IT companies offering great support. But much like a general GP, when a problem becomes complex it requires a specialist. Technology is much the same. As your business grows the more complex it becomes and you need the right partner that is able to proactively take care of it. The right advice and technology direction can be a game-changer for your business.

IT Strategy delivers true business value

Great IT Support is critical to any business, however for many business decision makers, the lack of IT Strategy is a cause of concern for majority of business executives in many small and medium organizations.

Business owners realise that technology can help drive efficiencies and create agility in a competitive market, they just cannot afford the dedicated resource on their team and are simply not large enough to keep the position filled.

NETCONFIG offers their clients a structured and holistic strategy around technology within their business through our dedicated team of “Virtual IT Managers”. Through on-going reviews, analysis and technology enhancements these strategic IT Managers will ensure successful optimization and implementation of technology that delivers true business value to meet your needs and objectives.

IT Strategy starts with a plan, but most importantly, execution of the plan that aligns to your business goals and objectives, without all the “Geek Speak”.

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All our clients are assigned a dedicated IT Manager that provides strategic input to push your business forward.

Is the technology you’re using helping you reach your business goals?

Are you confident that your internal IT systems are not limiting your growth?

Are you confident your systems are secure and stable?

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Industry Solutions

We provide IT Solutions to many industries in South Africa

Finance &
Insurance IT

With an excellent understanding of IT compliance requirements in the financial & insurance industry, we are able to take care of your technology needs to ensure you remain aligned with compliance and regulatory requirements.

Logistics &
Warehousing IT

With an expert understanding of IT requirements in this industry we have created a logisitcs network solution so that our clients are always connected, secure, and able to operate at 100% efficiency from anywhere in the world.

Industry IT
We understand that protecting intellectual property and ensuring optimal productivity levels requires a powerful IT structure as it is critical to manufacturing success. Partner with us to modernize and optimize your manufacturing business IT systems.
Industry IT

We understand the increasing demands of the hospitality industry as guests want professional, efficient service at all times. As your technology company, we ensure a hassle and worry-free information technology environment.