Company Data Protection Solutions

The team at NetConfig are always looking for innovative ways to help their clients. Recently they had the opportunity to roll out thirty-two tablets for clients using Microsoft’s Intune solution. Using Microsoft 365 Mobile Device Management they were able to remotely manage corporate-owned devices as well as secure company data through customized security policies & company data protection solutions.

Commenting on the intervention, Netconfig’s Michael Byrne said “Our client required a solution to their ongoing issue of drivers losing invoices when delivering goods to their clients/suppliers. Netconfig stepped in and created a Web-based Application for them that would be able to scan invoices and upload them directly into a database which could be stored in the cloud and accessed at any time. To scan these invoices and use the App as efficiently as possible, the drivers required mobile devices that would be able to use the App as well as scan the invoices.”

Continued Byrne “Our client reached out to us and asked if there was a solution to lock down Tablet devices and protect the company data in case the drivers lost the tablets or they were stolen. They also requested that the drivers be restricted from browsing the internet, downloading applications, or removing data from the device. Microsoft Intune and Mobile Device Management covers all of the above. With Policies created on the Office 365 Management Portal, we are able to remotely manage the tablets as well as lock them down as per the customer’s request. Once the device is wiped and enrolled via Microsoft Intune, all Policies are rolled out to the devices and device info is captured on the Portal. Now in the case of the Tablet being stolen or lost, we are able to wipe the Tablet from the portal and secure the customer’s data.

In this age of technology, innovation is the foundation needed to set you apart from the rest. Give NETCONFIG a call to make IT happen for you!


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