Day in the life of a Power User | How It Works

By Simon Mcloughlin

What does a workday in a Power User’s life look like? In this article, I will show my day to day work life as a Power User. I work with customers to tackle challenges that reduce efficiency in their staff’s day to day lives. My work varies from document management, applications development, business intelligence to improving slow processes. I thought I would show you a few examples from the above.

I will guide you through the making of an application we have created at Netconfig that manages our logistics. We needed to tackle the challenge of communicating to staff who are away from the office 90% of their day.

Document Management and Structure

A good structure is the foundation of a well-built application and we are using Sharepoint for our logistics application to store job requests and delivery receipts due to it being easy to use and manage. Sharepoint online allows us to write data from any location and allows us to monitor the data through version control and audit history, thus always knowing who made what change and when.


Application Development

Application development is fun, having the ability to tackle challenges in your business the way you want to and not have an existing program be sold to you that partially fixing the problem and increase admin later down the process.

The below screen is of a PowerApp that overlays the Sharepoint table above. As we can see it makes managing our driver’s deliveries and pickups simpler.  Applications built on the PowerApps platform can be spun up within weeks and gives us the ability to be agile.

Because we now have an application, we can now capture location.  This is helpful in many ways, one being that we can schedule our drivers to go to clients near each other thus creating efficiencies.


Business Intelligence

forecasting sales and being confident in making decisions off data streaming from your business is vital. I love showing people cool things like showing you who your top customers are, who’s performing the best in the sales department or where the process is coming to a halt and this is all done from the PowerBi platform.

With the below PowerBi Analytics, we are able to track our driver’s deliveries and pickups. Track which clients we are travelling to most frequently and the distance of how far clients are to us. This will help with forecasting petrol costs and prescheduling deliveries.

Tackling challenges like this provide a better experience for our customers and that’s what we strive for.  Now we start to see business value from the simple Sharepoint list we had to the day to day management of the Logistics PowerApp and now to the PowerBi which shows a holistic view of driver tasks. Whether or not we dive into creating more efficiencies one thing is brought to light. You only know what you know and now you have to ability to know more.




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