Get Ready For Your Journey To The New Microsoft Datacenters In South Africa

Microsoft Office 365 available from SA datacentres to empower the modern workplace

With the Launch of Microsoft Datacentres in South Africa, Office 365 users are now eligible to move their Office 365 tenants to these local Datacentres. By doing so South African businesses should see greater efficiencies due to the decreased need for international bandwidth. All-new Office 365 Tenants created for African businesses are now created in the South African Datacentres. During the opt-in period, the move to the South African Datacentres will be free and Microsoft aims to migrate these with minimal impact to the end-user experience. Data from Exchange Online, SharePoint, OneDrive for Business and Teams will shift seamlessly. By having these services running locally from South Africa we will definitely see the benefits of lower latency and compliance in terms of POPI. Microsoft`s Datacentres are the most security compliant of all Cloud Providers.

Currently, all Office 365 Tenants managed by NETCONFIG are hosted in Datacenters in Ireland, Europe. To Authorise NETCONFIG to start the migration process to the Microsoft Datacenters in South Africa on your behalf please complete this online form

Microsoft aims to ensure a seamless migration with no impact to business operations. By authorising NETCONFIG to shift your Tenant to South Africa you understand that NETCONFIG has no control over the migration process.

*Migrations after the move programme will be managed as a regular Tenant move with associated Project Costs*

Contact us today to assist you with your Office 365 Migration to the new South African Datacentres. Local is Lekker!

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