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Focusing On Your Business Relationships with Zoho CRM

So what is a CRM?

Customer relationship management (CRM) is a technology for managing all your company’s relationships and interactions with customers and potential customers. The goal is simple: Improve business relationships. A CRM system helps companies stay connected to customers, streamline processes, and improve profitability. When people talk about CRM, they are usually referring to a CRM system, a tool that helps with contact management, sales management, productivity, and more.

A CRM solution helps you focus on your organisation’s relationships with individual people — including customers, service users, colleagues, or suppliers — throughout your lifecycle with them, including finding new customers, winning their business, and providing support and additional services throughout the relationship. With visibility and easy access to data, it’s easier to collaborate and increase productivity. Everyone in your company can see how customers have been communicated with, what they’ve bought, when they last purchased, what they paid, and so much more. CRM can help companies of all sizes drive business growth, and it can be especially beneficial to a small business, where teams often need to find ways to do more with less.

Which CRM do I pick?

If like many others, you trust and their extensive market knowledge, the answer in their own words are simple: “Affordable and beautifully designed, Zoho CRM is the best CRM for small businesses.”

This breezy software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution looks and feels like a lightweight cloud product, but it packs in a surprising number of high-end features and customization options for serious business users on a budget.

Since this customer relationship management (CRM) solution is part of the Zoho SaaS (Software as a Service) family, it can be used on its own or in tandem with other Zoho apps and services, effectively giving small business owners the ability to build out comprehensive cloud-based systems to manage every aspect of daily business. Like the rest of Zoho’s cloud suite, Zoho CRM is compatible with many popular third-party social media platforms, and it sports built-in collaboration features, like the shareable calendar and file repository. Unlike many CRM solutions, which were built for enterprises and then scaled down for SMB use, Zoho CRM was created specifically for small businesses, and it shows. This CRM software is affordable, easy to use, and doesn’t require an IT degree to manage.

Some of the key offerings that Zoho CRM/Suite provide are:

  • Integration into Office 365 mail and contacts.
  • Integrated calendar/timer/reminder system.
  • Social media integration, to both automate creation of those leads visiting your profiles and also to manage/schedule posts to multiple social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.
  • Mobile access:- fully functional mobile applications for both IOS and Android allowing you full control over your CRM.
  • Document/attachment storage:- you can store data specific to the lead/customer/contact, directly to the item making it available for anyone requiring access to it.
  • Lead Scoring:- an automated scoring system helps you track interaction that your leads have with you/your company and scores them accordingly. You can easily tell which potential customers are more likely to interact with you.
  • Quotes/Proposals:- Quickly create quotations with your managed list of products that you offer, tracked over various stages and emailed with predefined templates that you created.
  • Invoices:- With a click of a button, convert the quotation that your customer accepted, into an invoice.
  • Task Management:- Keep track of your meetings, tasks or scheduled phone calls, as well as an overview of your team’s engagements.
  • Key integrations into the other Zoho Suite applications are easily made, such as campaign management, marketing, website analytics, project management, resource booking and even Employee Self Service to manage leave and HR profiles.
  • Data Import/Migration:- Import your current data into the Zoho CRM either via CSV, Excel or if supported, the CRM migration tool.

How do I get started with Zoho CRM?

Give us a shout and we can provide you with either a live product demo or a fully functional trial.

As a Zoho Partner, we will offer assistance to get your CRM setup and ready, start to finish.

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