Settling In To The New Age

The shift in the scene on the business front has sent shock waves through the world over the last four months. This is probably the greatest workplace transformation in centuries.  Looking at this from The Network Configurations perspective, our team of over 70 people has settled into the new “norm” and it’s remarkable how quickly we have all adapted.  We now produce exactly the same technical services if not better, from home office, couches and kitchen tables.


Many well-known tech companies like Shopify, Facebook and  Twitter have already said that all their employees will be allowed to work from home in the future.  The office centricity era is over.  Trying to unwind what has become the new norm is going to be a very hard exercise to achieve, almost like walking backwards. The transition happened way faster than the introduction of electricity in the 1880s which took years before everyone took advantage of the new power source.


The ease of transition came for many due to the infrastructure services and software solutions already in place. These have allowed for document downloads and videoconferencing. Many advanced economies revolve around services.  This pandemic has not turned the lights off. It has made remote work seem both normal and acceptable.  Before COVID employees who stayed home had to overcome the suspicion that they were taking a lazy day off.  The wheels have turned and now those who insist on being at the office seem a little strange.


Many things are still missing.   Distance makes it hard to create office camaraderie.  Creativity in groups is harder to foster via Zoom or Teams video conferencing.  We all miss the spontaneity of a normal meeting. We miss those off-the-cuff remarks to lighten the mood.  The casual collision of the human mind has become rarer.


Will the normal office working lifestyle return to BC (before COVID)?  The time wasted climbing into motor cars, buses, and dealing with traffic jams daily.

For the past few months, everyone has enjoyed the calm of daily routine minus the frustration of commuting.  Shopping online has become the new norm.


We have kept our NETCONFIG  premises in the Upper Highway open because we need to gather staff in one place at some point. If our employees are in a role and situation that enables them to work from home and they wish to continue to do so forever, we’ll make that happen.  If not, our offices will be their warm and welcoming selves with loads of additional precautions, when it is safe to return.   We, like many businesses, are having that moment where we wonder if our building is the dinosaur of a bygone era.  Faith in the centralised office may never be restored.  We will rework our physical space for this new reality.  We have always used the internet for remote workers as a bridge to our office.  Going forward the office will be the on-ramp to a digital workplace you can access from you home for your work setup.


Software Monitoring tools have become critical as companies use technology to run their businesses. These ensure staff, hardware, network equipment, communication, applications and systems are performing at their peak and business processes are not interrupted.


The era of digital change is upon us and technology is now ingrained in all our lives.  Woman and men will continue to share cleaning and child care if they are not off to the office.


I guess in a sense, this is a return to normal.   The new age is upon us.


By Erica Floweday – Operations Director


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