Wasting Too Much Time on Repetitive Tasks?

We are halfway through January already,

it’s a good time to look back and think about how you’ve spent your last 365 days, and whether you’d like to do anything differently for the next 365

One area we are all guilty is how much time you spent on routine, repetitive administrative tasks.

How many hours this year did you spend checking your email?  Or battling with issues on your workstation. No dashboard to compare data? Data not syncing properly between all your devices.  Do you have a good understanding of your IT environment, pretty sure the answer is NO?

What if that situation changed? Suddenly

you were down to one provider who could help set you up across multiple devices and help you integrate with your customers.  What if you had a colour-coded chart that could give your business status in just a few seconds? What if you had the ability to drill down and improve the process in your business? What if you didn’t have any to repair, upgrade, or replace all the time?

Suppose this delightful change gave you back an average of 4 hours per week—as it has for many of our customers. What would you do with four extra hours every week?

Here are some ideas for using your extra time:

* Extra time for Regular check-ins with your customers to reinforce the value you’re providing and uncover additional services that could benefit your clients (and increase your profits).

* How great would it be to step away, clear your head, and enjoy a relaxed lunch? Instead of working through lunch, or grabbing a sandwich at your keyboard?

* Wouldn’t it be great to have more time with family, or to pursue your outside-of-work interests? Cutting down on day to day task through automation can allow you to go home on time more regularly.

* Implement and research new products or services for your customers. If you expand your portfolio you will improve your bottom line and enhance your customer satisfaction. What new ideas have you wanted to try but never found the time?

We know this blog has you thinking, you probably have plenty of ideas of how you’d like to spend that time. Give us a call and let our specialist team help make your dream a reality!


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