5 Ways To Use Flexibility To Boost Employee Productivity

With millennials entering the Workforce, it is predicted in 2025 that we will have 4 generations of workers in the workplace.

Ask any Human Resources person and they will tell you that the Millennials bring in a different set of ideals and values. Traditional thinking can never apply to retain these staff members as they are technology literate and their biggest need is to have flexibility in the workplace. With that in mind, Microsoft designed first Office 365 and now Microsoft 365 to ensure these users have this flexibility through technology. The suite of products within Microsoft 365 allows users to work from anywhere, anytime or any device. The ability to collaborate and share information quickly without ever needing to be in an office has been a game-changer. Our recent case study proved that you can boost flexibility for these employees. When questioned the remote workforce listed the 5 ways they were able to boost their own productivity.


  1. No traffic in daily commutes to the office, employees felt less stressed about being late or leaving late as they could work from home
  2. The cost saving on the rising costs of Petrol and Diesel meant that they took more money home
  3. Having the right tools to still be able to collaborate and work together whilst delivering great customer service
  4. The ability to work in comfortable clothes without needing to expend on uniforms or decision fatigue on what to wear every morning
  5. To still have the ability to work in a safe and comfortable environment boosted productivity 10 fold


Working in the cloud using Microsoft 365 proves that, users can work anywhere, anytime from any device. In today’s world with the majority of the workforce being Millenials, it’s about the results you can achieve as an employer, not the eyeballs sitting at the office at a desk.  If you are wanting to move your workforce to work remotely, call us to discuss the prerequisites needed to make IT happen for your business.


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