So Windows 7 is done!

So Windows 7 is done!

It has been over 10 years since Windows 7 was launched, in Technology terms that is a lifetime time ago! This was the same year when Michael Jackson died and Barack Obama was inaugurated as president of the United States.

It was also when the 1st Android Smart Phones came out and we would never use that phone today, so why do we continue to use Windows 7 in our business?

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Windows 7 Works!

It will continue to work, however the biggest threat to your business is unsecured computers from modern threats, this includes Ransomware and Malware.

From January 14, 2020 your Windows 7 devices will no longer receive the below from Microsoft;

  • Security Updates
  • Software Updates
  • Technical Support

This is a major risk for many organizations with stringent compliance and security requirements.

For a business to thrive with technology, you need a modern Operating System!

Poor Office 365 Experience

If you already using Office 365 or plan to move to Office 365 it is critical to consider that your experience of working in the Cloud with an operating system like Windows 7, it will be poor!

Window 10 has been designed to securely integrate with your Office 365 Cloud experience, ensuring higher levels of productivity and security for you and your team!

For an integrated secure solution, chat to us about Microsoft 365, this combines the power of Office 365 and an upgrade to a Cloud Managed, Secure Windows 10 platform!

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