How to minimize data usage when working from home

Please follow the below guide to prevent unnecessary data consumption while working from home.

This prevents any unnecessary connections\downloads from taking place such as Windows updates, application updates, etc.

  1. Connect to your home network via Wifi or network cable
    on the Start Button and select Settings

  1. Select Network and Internet


  1. If you are connecting to wirelessat home, click on Wifi on the left panel. Then click on the name of your home wifi network.


  1. Turn “Set as metered connection” to ON


  1. Should you be using a cable connectioninstead, click on Ethernet in the left panel then click on your home network.

  1. Turn “Set as metered connection” to ON

  1. You will notice that Outlook now shows a prompt that you are using a metered connection.
    Click on Connect Anywayto continue using Outlook over a metered connection.


A quick way to for checking your data stats is by doing the below:

Right-click on the Start Menu à Select Settings

  1. Click on Network and Internet
  2. Click Data Usage à Select View Usage Per App

This will show you your utilisation on you Hotspot.


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