Why Remote Working Is The New Normal

Working Remotely

Working Remotely Is The New Normal

As we enter the next wave of the COVID 19 pandemic it is at this time that many organisations have had to look at innovating options to remain in business.

The one factor that COVID has exposed is the need to Fastrack their digital transformation journey in  Business. The organisations that embrace technology have found it easier to shift their workforce to remote working as well as to continue operating and servicing customers in this new world norm. The ability to leverage Microsoft’s 365 Platform has allowed organisations to work from anywhere, anytime and from any device. Microsoft Teams is one of the many tools within the Microsoft 365 suite which has seen phenomenal growth worldwide in the last 4 months. Teams allow users to meet, chat, Video call and collaborate on documents in a safe and secure manner. Virtual meetings have become the norm and in most cases pleasantly so as it cuts out wasted travel time.

SharePoint Online allows organisations to have all their files in the cloud without the need for a Server onsite, this translates into having your files and folders accessible anywhere at any time. OneDrive for Business similarly allows you to ensure your personal documents are always available directly to you from the cloud. Organisations who still need Servers onsite have shifted workloads into Microsofts local Azure Datacenters and those that cannot are able to work in a hybrid environment using secure VPN technologies. Remember the show must go on. Having the right technology has made many of us question, do we really need all that office space if we are able to work from home efficiently? We can have all our meetings in a virtual way so we are not only safe but can get more done in a day? Many organisations have found their workforces to be more productive as they work from home as they now don’t need to navigate through traffic or decide what to wear. Using tools, user productivity and performance can also be measured and reported on helping to bring accountability to the ever-increasing remote workforce. Retailers have had to shift to online stores ensuring consumer still have the ability to shop from the safety of their homes keeping them away from malls. Those that have had an online presence prior to the lockdown have been thriving and it leaves us wondering what will become of Shopping Malls in the future?

With all these tools in place,  organisations that are investing in the right technology may be the only way that one survives this new world which has created a difficult economic time. Technology has always been a driver in successful businesses helping to create efficiencies, at long last we are all embracing it for a better working environment and survival.  We no longer have a choice, mother nature is changing our world into one that we need to embrace.  Those that have chosen to survive these difficult times by embracing technology more now than ever will move forward with great strides financially and mentally.  If you want a Technology Partner that Makes IT happen speak to us.

Author: Wayne Erradu


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