Let our team create a custom Word learning journey for you and your team. We are able to assess your training needs so that employees learn practical skills which can be applied in the workplace.

You will be able to create numbered reports, and tables and use templates, styles, and advanced editing techniques. 


  • Use a multi-level list
  • Customise a multi-level list
  • Sort a list
  • What is a template?
  • Understanding the normal.dotm template
  • Use an existing template
  • Create a customised template
  • What is a style?
  • Understanding the normal style
  • Different styles: text, list and table styles
  • Apply, format and update Quick Styles
  • Create headers and footers
  • Insert building blocks
  • Create building blocks
  • Modify building blocks
  • Use AutoText
  • Insert non-breaking spaces
  • Clear formatting
  • Use AutoCorrect
  • Create your own AutoCorrect entries
  • View document statistics: word count
  • View document properties
  • Change a document’s theme
  • Save a theme
  • Sections
  • Create and format columns
  • Create tables
  • Typing text into tables
  • Edit and format text in cells
  • Rotating text in tables
  • Move around in a table
  • Adjust column width/row height
  • Insert/delete columns and rows
  • Merge cells
  • Add table borders
  • Format table structure
  • Align tables
  • Convert text to a table
  • Table properties
  • Sort table data
  • Use formulas within a table

Other Microsoft Word Training Courses

We offer the full spectrum of Microsoft Word training at our head office in Westville, Durban. Our trainers are Microsoft Certified and constantly stay updated on software enhancements and changes so you get the highest and most current Microsoft Office training.

Microsoft Word
(Level 1)

In the entry level 2 Microsoft Word course students learn to create common business documents professionally, efficiently and fast.

Microsoft Word
(Level 3)

Includes image manipulation tools, collaboration features, cross-referencing and linking tools, entry forms and much more.

Meet Keshnie, our certified Microsoft Trainer with over 10 years of qualified experience.

Customised and personal training of over 1000 people. Training is held at our offices in Westville, client offices or online.

What you can expect from our Microsoft Word level 2 course

Learning needs to be fun so we always ensure we create an environment that is relaxed and friendly so that learners don’t feel intimidated or nervous.

We cater for lunch, teas & coffees so learners stay hydrated and are able to focus throughout the training!

Our training is offered in groups or if preferred on a one-on-one basis.

You are able to choose to receive either an Attendance Certificate or a Certificate of Competency. Choosing the latter will require you to be tested on what we cover in the Word Basics Course.

Our courseware is aligned to SAQA Unit Standards. 

Our training centre is designed to let in lots of natural light which helps make the learning experience more comfortable. 

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