Security – Password Management

Is your password secure? If not it will need changing and below is some information to help you with your password.

Five Top Tips to Strengthening your Password Security:

  1. Use challenging passwords that include a combination of letters “Upper & Lower Case”, numbers and characters “<$> % #@” and ensure the password or phrase is 8 to 12 characters long.
  2. Avoid your personal information as a password eg. name, birthdate, pets or child’s name.
  3. Change your password at least every 3 months for non-administrative accounts and every 45 days for admin accounts.
  4. Use different passwords for each login credential.
  5. If you can implement two-factor authentication, it is a must these days.

Note: Educate end users on the above tips to strengthen a password, these tips will help in preventing Hackers from accessing devices and data.


Some common ways Hackers use to identify passwords:

  1. Capitalize the first letter of the password.
  2. Punctuating the end of a password with a “!” or “#”.
  3. Replacing letters like “o,l,e” with a “0 ,1,3”.
  4. Checking all combinations of upper/lowercase of words used in a password.
  5. Using numbers at the beginning or end of the password.
  6. Using an “@” between two different words.
  7. Inserting numbers randomly in a word.
  8. Duplicating the first letter or all the letters in a word.

Note: Educate end users on the above tips and ensure that they create long complexed passwords at least 8 to 12 characters long.

Example of a complex password:  iw0rk1nW3$tv1ll3



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