Security – Two-Factor Authentication

Everything You Need to Know About Two-Factor Authentication


What is two-factor authentication?

Commonly known as 2FA this is an additional layer of security with online account and logins.

Generally, you would just type in your password, but this has become easily compromised by hackers in recent times. This breach of security can understandably be disastrous as both personal and business data can be compromised. 2FA protects you against being hacked as it requires confirmation on your mobile device or a one-time code sent to you via email or SMS, this is the second layer of security and this authentication method is used to prove you authorised the access or login. If your password is compromised you can then also deny any unauthorized logins preventing any breaches.

Why should I use two-factor authentication?

This isn’t a hard question, its like us asking you ‘Why you keep your money in a Bank Account, Instead of in your wallet or under your mattress?” when it comes to valuable items or access to personal information 2FA serves as additional protection to those critical accounts like bank accounts, social media accounts, email accounts etc., simply having a strong password is not enough these days and 2FA is highly recommended. As your service provider please chat to us to enable 2FA on your Office 365 so that we can ensure you are increasingly secure.



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