What is a Hosted PBX?

Hosted PBX

What is a Hosted PBX? – Private Branch Exchange, is a private telephone network used within a company or organization. The PBX communicates with internal phones and the outside world via an IP network eliminating the need to have physical phone lines.

A hosted PBX solution will give you all of the office phone functionalities found in a traditional PBX. The only difference is a Hosted PBX solution will not require you to buy hardware to host the system at your office. Instead, all services will be running from the cloud, meaning they will be hosted at a provider’s datacentre. Because you do not have to invest in expensive office phone equipment, this option is less costly. All you need is a reliable Internet connection from the office and a VOIP provider that will set up and maintain your hosted PBX.

The PBX users Voice over IP (VoIP) protocol to make and receive calls while the older analogue phone systems use physical phone lines. Having the ability to send voice over IP also means that the call rates are much cheaper compared to the analogue systems saving you money on call rates.

The hosted PBX is a complete Unified Communications Solution (UC) that allows you to make phone calls, video conferencing, send instant messages email and SMS, check other extensions presence all from a smartphone, PC application, or web interface.

Increase your company’s productivity by having the ability to work from anywhere and less set up time compared to the on-premises PBX.

The PBX allows you to always stay connected when working from the office or at home by using Windows, Mac, Android, or IOS softphone applications not forgetting a wide range of support physical desk phones such as Yealink, Snom, Fanvil, Grandstream and many more.

Hosting the PBX in a datacentre will result in higher uptime compared to physical on-premises PBX as datacentres have multiple internet failover lines and backup centres in an event of disasters.

Hosting your PBX not only saves you on Hardware and call cost but also saves on your licensing by connecting all remote office to one hosted PBX which will also mean free intersite calling.

Some of the PBX features are

Easy PBX management from a web interface.

Live call recording which is stored in the cloud.

Live call reporting

Call queues

Digital receptionist

Web conferencing

CRM integrations

Free internal calls or to remote offices connected to the same host PBX

Smartphone and PC applications


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