Working Efficiently In A Remote Workforce

Author – Kalin Padayachee

One of the biggest challenges facing companies that have suddenly switched to working from home is delivering the same quality of service as they did prior to the country going into lockdown.

Some companies had agile systems in place and the switch was seamless with their customer base not seeing any degradation of service while the other end of the spectrum saw some companies not taking calls due to their phone services being disabled. Having a cloud-based PBX system such as 3CX has proven invaluable during this time ensuring that your client base still receives the personal touch of a having a friendly reassuring person to talk to. The advanced reporting and call routing features are just an added bonus. Another big challenge is internal communication, no longer can you walk over to a colleague’s workspace or discuss a challenge around the coffee machine. Yes, there are emails and messaging applications but these can become unmanageable and lead to confusion which in turn affects service delivery. Microsoft Teams is the answer to this problem. It offers video and voice calling, file sharing and collaboration, group channels and chats and so much more and this can all be managed from a central point. Companies that are utilising Teams have shown an increase in productivity and efficiency. Sometimes standing around the coffee machine, you need to listen to what Joe had for supper last night before he gets to the information you needed in the first place. Ensure that your business is communicating efficiently and you will see the same output to your customers.



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